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Grow Your ChiEyeSpy: The Matrixwam game

On this page we present the games we have developed and we are currently studying. Note that these games DO NOT assess self-esteem -- they are designed to help you practice certain habits of thought, and they may be difficult at first. These games are offered here for educational, demonstration, and entertainment purposes only. Have fun trying them out! If you are interested in seeing some of the games we are currently developing, check out our Future Projects page.

Some games and demos may take a moment to load. If the games do not load, you may need to download the free Macromedia Flash Player.


Grow Your Chi!

To become Chi Master you must click on smiles and on your name. Avoid negativity, as this will deplete your chi!

gamesPlay Grow Your Chi! NOW!


EyeSpy: The Matrix

Take hold of your attention, teach yourself to automatically look for positive social information and ignore negative information that drags you down.

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WHAM! Self-Esteem Conditioning

Hate feeling bad about yourself? Give your self-esteem a boost in this personalized game by creating links between yourself and social acceptance!

gamesPlay Wham! DEMO Version

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